The Gingezel Beige Standard Decor Lookbook
A sample of our designs for your decor inspiration.

Beige is the staple color used over and over. So it demands excellence in design. We try to provide that through textured patterns and geometrics, and variations of shade in design from warm golden beige to classic beige to pink beige. The art is sophisticated, subtle. In decor, beige must be the equivalent of the gold standard.
Stone Patio Decor in shades of beige, blue and green by Gingezel
This patio is a mood piece for the collection. The quiet shades of beige work with the stone and beautiful wood inlay, and are accented with blue and green.
Beige techie stripe rug by Gingezel at ArtsAdd
This beautiful tribal inspired rug is available at Artsadd. The pattern is also available on a duvet cover.
Beige Living Room by Gingezel Decor.
Beige is an excellent soft backdrop for brighter colors. In this living room simulation blue is used as the brighter shade. The Sculpted Beige Stripe design wallpaper and the faux tile on the window pillars are available at Spoonflower. The chair is upholstered in the soft beige on beige Sand Flowers floral. The decor accents are available at Zazzle in the Beige Standard, Brown Classics, and the Blue Moods collections. The icy blue kaleidoscope art can be found in the Gingezel Blue Moods Collection at Gingezel Prints (FAA).
Sand flower chair Gingezel atRoostery
if you live in the USA, you can buy a chair with the Sand Flower design at Roostery. If not, their other products including pillows and placemats ship worldwide.
Beige color block curtains by Gingezel at Society6
This soft beige, cream, and blue color block print makes a gorgeous curtain. It is available as art and on a range of home decor products at Society6.

Gingezel beige abstract duvet cover with coordinating throw pillow. Images courtesy of FAA.
The contemporary bedroom set above features the beige geometric Abstract 397 for the duvet cover and the Scandinavian influenced Abstract 396 as a throw pillow.
Gingezel Tiles from the Beige Standard Collection
The beige tiles are in a range of moods from textural style like the leaf network tile above, to stripes like the shaded column stripe, to generative art like the spiral, to classic like the beautiful shaded blue and purple flowers.
Birch Leaves in Beige Shower Curtain by Gingezel. Image courtesy of FAA
This exceptional photograph by Don has delicate shades of beige in the birch leaves and a gray and taupe background. Used on a shower curtain like this it brings harmonious nature into the room.

Stack of assorted beige fabric from The Beige Standard Collection at Gingezel.
This stack of fabric shows the range of shades in The Beige Standard Collection, with the top the warm faux tile with a definite yellow undertone, a beige bordering on taupe (we also have a taupe collection), true beiges, and a pink beige.
To access wallpaper at Spoonflower within collections, use the fabric collection, select the design you want, and it will say 'also available as wallpaper'. Click through and you will get a room simulation like this that accurately shows the scale of the wallpaper.
Gingezel Beige Floating Ovals designer wallpaper. Room picture compliments of Spoonflower.
This is the Beige Floating Ovals wallpaper, an op art design.

Gingezel fine art, designer fashion, accessories, and decorator decor created in Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada. All designs © Gingezel™ Inc. Gingezel™ designs and art are available worldwide through our fulfillment providers Art of Where, Fine Art America, ImageKinds, Print All Over Me, Society 6, and Spoonflower.

Images of Zazzle products courtesy of Zazzle. Images of Society 6 products courtesy of Society 6. Images of Print All Over Me products courtesy of PAOM. Images Fine Art America art and products courtesy of FAA. Wallpaper images courtesy of Spoonflower. Room and model simulations done in DAZ 3D. Photography by Donald S. Hall.