Don's Art

photography ... as is and turned into digital paintings

A Sampler of Don's Art
Don's art is available on acrylic prints, canvas prints, framed art, posters, wall hangings, wall murals, metal prints, wood prints. Images courtesy of Fine Art America, Society6, and Zazzle.. Click for a better look and details.
Summer Balcony Gingezel Art.jpg
Rocky Shoreline Gingezel FAA.jpeg
Old Fence Line Gingezel FAA.jpeg
Lethbridge Underpass Gingezel FAA.jpeg
Lakeside House Gingezel FAA.jpeg
Fourth Avenue Gingezel FAA.jpeg
Early Crocuses Print Gingezel FAA.jpg
coulee hill path.jpg
Blossoming Crabapple Tree Gingezel FAA.jpg
Birch Leaves Gingezel FAA.jpeg

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