Judi's Art

An ecclectic mix of fractals, 3D art and more

A Sampler of Judi's Art
Judi's art is available on acrylic prints, canvas prints, framed art, posters, wall hangings, wall murals, metal prints wood prints. Images courtesy of ArtsAdd, Fine Art America, Society 6. Click on an image to enlarge, and for details.
Elegant Black Fractal 1 Gingezel FAA.jpeg
yellow black geometric gingezel ArtsAdd.jpg
Woman Wearing Navy Blue Gingezel FAA.jpg
Cozy Abstract 399 Gingezel.jpeg
Bird Nest Fractal Gingezel FAA.jpg
Anime Girl Autumn Gingezel FAA.jpeg
Two Jazz Dancers in Red Gingezel FAA.jpeg
Suranan Artifact Gingezel Art.jpg
Brown Geometric wall mural Gingezel Society6.jpeg
Abstract 333 Gingezel FAA.jpg
Affinity 3 fractal gingezel.jpeg
Abstract 430 gingezel FAA.jpg
Abstract Geranium Print Gingezel.jpeg
Summer Garden Abstract Gingezel S6.jpeg
Gingezel Fractal 79 metal print.jpeg
Deco Sanctuary Gingezel Art.jpg
Camel and Beige Pattern Art Gingezel FAA.jpeg
detail Elegant Black Fractal 2 Gingezel FAA.jpeg
DAZ Affinity 20x20.tiff
Doors of Zanzibar art Gingezel FAA.jpeg
Shoe and Hat in Gray by Gingezel at FAA.jpg
Shebot Karriesiel Gingezel FAA.jpeg
Horizon Fractal Gingezel Art FAA.jpg
Crescent Moon Fractal wallhanging Gingezel S6.jpeg
Pier and sculpture GIngezel FAA.jpg

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