Where Gingezel Art and Design has been seen

just a little bragging

Now and again we check around to see where Gingezel products have ended up, and we have decided some of the places might interest you too.

In spring 2019 we found these designs being showcased:

The Better Homes and Gardens website featured our Berry Circles Abstract wall mural from Society 6:
Berry Circles Abstract Wall Mural Gingezel

Better Homes and Gardens website also featured our Abstract 347 wall mural from Society 6. So did Rachael Ray in a 'you might also like' section.
Abstract 347 wall mural Gingezel Society6

Our Intricate Beige and Brown Tile throw pillow at Roostery was really popular. It showed up twice with the name Beige and Brown Overall Pattern on the websites for:
Martha Stewart

Intricate Beige and Brown Tile Pillow Gingezel RoosteryOur Limestone Square and Circles design on a pillow at Roostery is at Houzz with the name Squares Circles Retro Blue Gray Geometric:
Retro Blue Gray Geometric Pillow Gingezel at Houzz

Our Brown and Beige Digital Tapestry available at Roostery ended up at two 'name' sites:
Houzz called Geometric Hexagon Sophisticated

Gingezel Beige and Brown Digital Tapestry pillow at Roostery

Plum Pixel Geometric 2 pillow Gingezel at Roostery

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